Vyapaar Plus      

all in one business management application

From billing,HRM,accounting,inventory,etc all in 1 software. Save time and focus more on business. All your business insights at your fingertips

About app

Vyapaar Badhega india badhega!

POS billing Software for every business.


All business management requirement in 1 place.


Easy to use cloud based software.


Intuitive design with multi functionality.


Simple to use and hacker powered security.

 Awesome features

Business made easy

All in 1 business management software.

Awesome features

Made for ease of business. With features like sales insights of multi branch business we are in for growth.

Beautiful and modern design

Scan Qr code and user will see your product catalog website.We have enable auto creation of your product catalog website through vyapaarplus user's inventory.

 Why our app

We got you covered online

Beautiful product catalog website for your business is automatically generated through your inventory. Now your customers can scan QR code at your store or through messaging and they will see your product catalog website.

Awesome features
QR code scan to open product catalog website of your business
Modern and creative design
Intuitive design for customer attraction and more sales. We enable auto sync of inventory offline+online.
Regular updates
Regular advancement of our platform makes sure we do not miss on new opportunities to increase overall business
24/7 professional support
We provide robust tech support for our users. We consider our users a part of our mission to empower Vyaapaari's and help them scale up their business.


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